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Suntactics sCharger-5 Solar Charging Demonstration
Please take note that some of these videos below are dated but still apply.  We have made many improvements to our solar chargers since these videos were taken.

There are many accessories for charging all types of USB devices.

Torturing an sCharger Solar Charger

We decided to have some fun one day and do some extensive tests on how much punishment we can incur on an sCharger and see if it can still charge a phone.


 We dropped the same sCharger from a two story building, hit it hard with a hammer, ran it over with a vehicle, threw it across the street, ran over it again even harder, then washed it off with a hose.  The sCharger continued to function. It passed the tests!

Dropped from Second Story
Thrown like a Frisbee
Hit with a Hammer
Still Solar Charges the phone!
Run over by a Car
Ultimate Durability
Comparison Tests Vs Other Solar Chargers
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