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Hiking solar charger was the staple of my Mount Kilimanjaro trip

“I field tested numerous solar chargers including: Bushnell SolarWrap Mini, Goal Zero Nomad, Joos Solar Orange. I returned all of them and purchased this one based on the epic reviews. It was the staple to my Kilimanjaro trip this last summer. In fact, I was charging the guides and porters devices along side my own GoPro 3+ under extremely cloudy days. I get a full charge on my GoPro 3+ in under an hour under full sunlight. I couldn't be more happier with this in my hiking/climbing arsenal. Thank you Suntactics for such an awesome product!”

Todd W.

Climbing the highest free-standing mountain in the world is a daunting task, and is worthy of capturing on camera. Todd W. and other guides that climbed Mount Kilimanjaro needed something reliable that would charge their cameras and other devices directly from sunlight. Todd W. being an avid hiker has tried many portable solar chargers in the past, but could only find one hiking solar charger that was reliable enough for such a feat like Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Todd was referring to the Suntactics sCharger-14, our most powerful hiking solar charger that weighs just 1.4lbs and folds away to the size of a magazine.


That much power in a little package can produce enough energy for cameras, including other devices like smartphones, tablets, e-Readers, two-way radios, bluetooth speakers, GPS and SPOTconnect devices, LED flashlights, AA/AAA batteries, basically anything that has a USB connection.

We love hearing about our customers taking our American-made solar chargers to the highest mountains, the coldest terrains, the thickest jungles, and still able to charge their electronics even in cloudy weather. We have designed our solar chargers to be incredibly efficient in capturing as much energy from the sun as possible, this is what sets us apart from other portable solar companies.


We believe that we have the best, most reliable product on the market, we are all about performance and reliability, that’s why we build them in the United States to ensure the best quality product possible.


As Todd said, he tested numerous solar chargers in the past including the Bushnell SolarWrap Mini, Goal Zero Nomad, Joos Solar Orange, none of them were as powerful as our hiking solar charger; the Suntactics sCharger-14.


We have also tested the sCharger-14 against one of the leading 14 watt solar panels from Anker, See for yourself how much more powerful Suntactics compared to the competition!

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