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American USA Made Solar Chargers are the Best Choice

1) Made in the USA


We try our very best to source all materials from American made suppliers. Some materials are indirectly sourced. Taiwan (electronics), Japan(our solar ETFE film), malaysia and vietnam(solar cells).  Our American suppliers are Hawk Electronics, Mcmaster-carr, Zoro, Bolt depot, Digikey. Pretty much 50% of the materials used in Suntactics solar chargers are purchased from US suppliers.

2) Fast Charge Rates

Suntactics sChargers are very efficient. The solar cells are configured correctly for optimum light-to-power conversion. The charging circuitry is designed to increase charge rates even further. It’s like taking your home electrical socket with you.  

3) Built in Auto-Retry™ Patent U.S.Pat No. 9,929,443

Suntactics innovated the original and now patented Auto-Retry technology in 2010. Also referred to as Auto-Recovery or Auto-Connect from our foreign competitors.


What’s Auto-Retry?

Smartphones (iPhones in particular) will stop charging if there is a solar power fluctuation. Phones are very finicky with solar power fluctuations such as a slow moving cloud shading the panels. Typically in order to prompt the phone back to a charging state with solar charging, you need to re-plug the cable. Not with Suntactics, our Auto-Retry will prompt the phone back into a charge state automatically. "Auto-Retry".

4) Compatible with all USB devices

Suntactics sChargers can charge all USB handheld devices. This includes Phones, Notepads, Tablets, Smartwatches, eReaders, SAT phones, GPS/Trackers, Powerbanks, AA/AAA/18650 Batteries, Headlamps, Flashlights, Cameras, Vapes, BlueTooth Speakers, Headsets. 

5) Bad Weather and Water Resistant

Suntactics sChargers can be dunked under water. The solar panels are completely encapsulated using our own customized lamination technique. The circuits are sealed with conforming silicon. Suntactics solar chargers have been tested to 40 feet water depth. They are also corrosion resistant. Our corrosion tests, based on industry standards, entail placing a solar panel in a %5 salt, 80% humidity, 80 degree F environment for 48 hours. We ran our test at 72 hours without issues. Suntactics solar chargers are pretty much impervious to moisture.


6) Ultralight and Compact

Suntactics sChargers have the best power to weight ratio available.  They also offer a very thin sleek design. 


7) Simple to Operate

Just plug in to your favorite device and aim the solar charger in the suns' general direction. It’s that simple!  But for added assurance, we include a very comprehensive user manual.

8) No Batteries Required

Suntactics sChargers require no batteries to power your devices, just sunlight. Unlike some USB solar chargers that rely on internal batteries to charge devices, Suntactics solar chargers are independent.  This adds versatility to charge any USB battery power bank of your choosing.

9) Use and Charge at the Same Time

Suntactics sChargers allow you to charge while using the device at the same time. You can surf the internet or talk while charging at the same time. 

10) Durable and Reliable

Suntactics solar chargers are incredibly durable and reliable.  Durable as they can endure some serious abuse.  Reliability is critical especially if are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Our tests include dropping from a two story building to running them over with a car.  They have been dropped into a 40 feet deep freezing lake, taken to the highest mountain tops, and even blasted with a .45 caliber pistol!  So we can now say they can take a barraging and keep charging!



10.5)  The Best Guarantee and Customer Support

We fully guarantee our solar chargers or your money back.  And you can call us directly if you have questions. Yes! We have a phone number! 

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