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1. Privacy Policy

By using our website you agree to our Privacy Policy


2. Your Status

You shall only be eligible to use our website and or products if:

2.1 You are at least 18 years old;

2.2 You have no connection with telemarketing, surveys, pyramid scams, chain letters, junk mail and e-mail, spamming, back linking schemes, soliciting products or services

2.3 You are not here to sell goods and services

2.4 You are not here to harvest or collect information, images, documents, or personal information about others

2.5 The information you provide to purchase, open an account, or socially interact with our website is true and accurate; and

2.6 Your use of our website has not been suspended or terminated


3. Our Status is operated from its office in San Jose, California, United States of America. Suntactics may sell products on other websites including, and other retail and distribution channels. welcomes visitors outside the U.S. to purchase directly from


4. Copyrighted Information

Please note that our background is owned and copyrighted by PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek, entitled “Tatra Mountains rainy landscape and hiking trail”, purchased Standard License from has no ownership over this image. However, all other information such as text, images, documents, and other materials contained on are copyrighted by Suntactics. All text, documents, images, etc. shall not be used on other websites unless you have express consent from (contact us here). You may not modify any text, documents, images contained on Suntactics without express consent from Suntactics. You may not download documents or images on this website and upload it somewhere else on the worldwide web without express consent from (contact us here). You may not use any content on and use it to give a false and or misleading impression about Suntactics.

Any reproduction or replication of materials found on is strictly prohibited.

If you find any copyrighted materials on this website that constitutes copyright infringement, please contact: and it will be remove immediately.


5. Order Cancellations

We have the right to refuse or cancel any orders made on, at any point in time including after the order has been submitted and cleared. Such examples include credit card fraud, we find multiple/similar declined credit card orders or orders that raise red flags. We have the right to blacklist anyone involved in credit card fraud and will report to the proper authorities if we come across such orders. In another situation, that Suntactics runs out of stock, we reserve the right to cancel orders, but we will personally inform you that an item has been backordered. We have the right to cancel or refuse an order if the product price is inaccurate due to human error. If your order has been cancelled or refused, make not that you will not be charged or refunded in full depending on how you order.


6. Reselling

All purchases made on are not intended for resale unless authorized by Suntactics, please see how to become a reseller/distributor here (we provide wholesale discounts on bulk orders): Suntactics reserves the right to refuse quotes on our own terms.


7. Discounts

Discounts are offered on this websites, however, only one discount code can be used per order. We reserve the right to cancel an order to those who want a discount but have forgotten to apply a discount after ordering.


8. Warranty

Please see the terms and conditions about or warranty:


9. Liability

SUNTACTICS solar chargers have been designed with reverse-flow protection to ensure safety of mobile devices. However, SUNTACTICS is not liable for any consequential or incidental damages arising from malfunction of our solar chargers which may result in the damage of other devices including our own. SUNTACTICS is also not liable for any consequential or incidental damages arising from malfunction of the USB batteries which may result in the damage of other devices including our own. SUNTACTICS is not obligated to repay the consumer for the price of the SUNTACTICS product (however we will exchange the SUNTACTICS product if the SUNTACTICS product is damaged due to malfunction). SUNTACTICS is not obligated to pay for damages to mobile battery devices that SUNTACTICS products may have caused.


10. Social Interaction

All social interaction on that includes commenting on articles, product pages, or any other pages on this website must abide by these rules. Users may not submit written content or images that include pornography, racism that may offend others, advertisements about other products or services, illegal content, or any other content that has nothing to do with Suntactics, our products and services or topics we may present. We welcome all reviews, good and bad, we support your 1st amendment right, as long as it abides by U.S. law and does not infringe on these terms and conditions. Suntactics has the right to remove any content submitted or uploaded on, anyone who abuses these of terms and services will be denied any access or use of this website, and if any illegal content is submitted on, we will condiment and report your IP to the proper authorities.

We reserve the right to delete or not approve any content, including ping-backs and or back-links that we consider spam.


11. Miscellaneous

We may revise these terms and conditions at any time. This site may have links going to other third-party websites, Suntactics is not responsible for any virus or malware from links that are connected to this website. If you feel that there is, please, immediately contact us at and we will take care of the issue.

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