Suntactics has been granted an US patent! Issue Date Mar 27, 2018

It has been a difficult struggle to get our patent. It has taken over 8 years!. With so many solar chargers now available on the market, we now have a voice as a solar charger originator.

One of our patent claims of 6 claims is solar charge Auto-Retry. We invented this technology back in 2010 to help the iPhone and other devices maintain charge during solar power fluctuations. Some USB devices will stop solar charging when a solar panel is slowly shaded. The USB device will not continue to charge once the sun comes back. Auto-retry(also referred to as Auto Reset or Auto recovery) helps USB devices, phones in particular, start charging again when the sun is available.

As of 2015, similar auto-reset features are now being offered from our competitors. Suntactics was the first to invent this technology! We just filed a continuation patent and we are on a mission to bring to attention some of the companies that have copied our invention. We can't mention names at this time. But some of these companies are headquartered in America but use Chinese manufacturing.

Suntactics sources some parts from China but we do all the assembly and solar panel manufacturing here in San Jose CA. We also utilize as many local manufactures as we can in the USA for our materials and other assemblies.

Thank you for supporting Suntactics.

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