The Last Solar Battery Charger You Will Ever Need

As a portable solar company, it’s a challenge to prove that we make the best solar charger in the industry. We rely heavily on customer testimonials, especially from customers who have purchased several battery solar chargers (including ours) and express just how much better Suntactics solar chargers are compared to the leading brands on the market.

As a small business, it’s really comforting to hear this every time:

“Hi, I recently bought a Suntactics solar charger after purchasing [brand name] and yours is simply the best!”.

We really don’t want you to take our word for it. Please read the reviews that are coming from our customers, especially from those who have tried multiple solar battery chargers and still think Suntactics is the best choice.

“I field tested numerous solar chargers including: Bushnell SolarWrap Mini, Goal Zero Nomad, Joos Solar Orange. I returned all of them and purchased this one based on the epic reviews. It was the staple to my Kilimanjaro trip this last summer.” -Todd

“I started the trail with a PowerMonkey Explorer solar charger… and it didn’t charge my phone worth a damn, even in direct sunlight, even in the desert. […] Halfway through the trail I was able to switch to the Suntactics sCharger-5 solar charger, and you know what? THE THING WILL MAGICALLY CHARGE.” -Carrot Quinn

“After having owned another solar charger (made by Brunton) that I was very displeased with, I hesitated to buy another one. But the reviews of the sCharger-5 looked pretty good, and I decided to give it a shot. I found the claims that it works as fast as a wall charger to be hard to believe, so I was pleased to discover that they are true.” -Shawn M.

(If that’s not enough read the hundreds of Testimonials on our website, and on our Amazon listings)

Hardcore long distance trail hikers like Todd and Quinn only want the best gear for their legendary hikes, but unfortunately for most people, purchasing several solar chargers to see which one is truly the best is not an option. We really recommend doing your homework before investing in any solar charger, including ours! It really comes down to learning about how solar and battery charging works!

Battery Charging 101

We like to keep it simple, it’s important not to focus on "Watts" of power the solar panel is when you do your research. Look for output measured in milliAmps. You will see this on your wall charger as well.

Charger Output Value:

The solar charger output value uses a measurement in "milliAmps" (or mA). milliAmps is also referred to as "Current". For instance "Solar charger output current" Using this value will give you a better determination of how powerful your solar charger is.

Battery Capacity:

The batteries that are in your device (phone) are like a fuel tank in your car. They hold the power reserve for your device. The value used for all batteries is called "milliAmp/Hours" (mAh). The added "Hours" value is the rate or time it takes to discharge the battery. You can get a feel for this rate as you watch your battery indicator decrease over time.

To get an idea of how long it will take to charge your device, you will need two things:

1) The capacity of your device(i.e. iphone has a ~2000mAh battery)

2) The current output of the solar charger(i.e 1000mH).

If you are worried about your device overcharging, don't be. The internals of the USB device(iPhone) will not bite off more than it can chew. Another words, when the tank is full, it will stop charging.

Suntactics vs The Competition

Suntactics does not sidestep on our power output claims. We try our best to be as accurate as possible. Accuracy is in our name, we are tactical with portable solar, and our vast audience of customers know this as well,

Adfischer from explains why Suntactics is better than the competition:

“I have tested multiple panels including Goal Zero, Suntactics, Solio, some homemade, and some no-names. The testing I have done was in real world conditions with a multimeter measuring power output and voltage.

I live in Tennessee. During the winter I have seen the SunTactics deliver 850mA from the USB, and in the summer the full 1A when pointed directly at the sun. Laying down flat on the ground anywhere between 600-750mA. In overcast conditions I can get between 100-200mA from the Suntactics. The Goal Zero maxes out at 500mA on the USB port because of a limitations of the circuitry.

An iPhone 5 battery is 1440mAh. On a decent sunny day you can charge it in 3-4 hours or less. I have done it plenty of times with my iPhone 4S which has a 1432mAh battery. On a really good day I have fully charged it in 2.5 hours.”

This is pretty much in line of what we experienced comparing our Suntactics sCharger-5 with the Goal Zero Nomad 7. In the video above you will see for yourself exactly what Adfischer from experienced. The Goal Zero Nomad 7 is charging at about ~500mA and the sCharger-5 is charging at ~1000mA.

The Naysayers

We hear a lot of this: “Well, Suntactics prices are just over the top, i’d rather get [brand name] instead!”. Or "I can by two solar "Chinese" chargers for the same price of one"

If you would rather do business with a company that spends more money on marketing than building quality we say "go for it" Here is the scenario that you will get when you purchase an overseas solar charger. You have a beautiful solar charger in your hands and then it will break within the first year.

We offer up to a 5 year limited warranty on all of our solar panels. So if anything ever happens to your panel, you will be sent a brand new one. No questions asked.

Suntactics: High quality, Superior workmen ship and Superior customer service.



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