The Southwest Backpacker Compares sCharger-8 Vs. Anker 14W

From Matt, The Southwest Backpacker

“In this video, I quickly demonstrate the speed of charging a 6,600 mAh portable USB battery pack in a 1 hour time period under overcast conditions in November. I compare Anker's 14W solar charger to the SunTactics 8W solar charger and it turns out that the SunTactics sCharger-8 powers at 1.6A (1,600mA) and the Anker 14W solar charger even though it is rated at 14 watts, to my surprise, it was charging the battery pack slower than the 8 watt SunTactics! ”


Here at Suntactics, we’re all about quality and performance. We know there are a lot of choices but this video shows a very unbiased observation.

The "Southwest Backpacker" has helped us prove this by comparing our battery solar charger "The Underdog" sCharger-8, with the ever so "popular" Anker 14W.

We called Anker out on their 14 watt claims. They responded with "14 watts is our theoretical specification" Not to mention the person on the other end did not speak English very well.


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