sCharger-8 dubbed “the last portable solar charger you will ever need” by Suntactics Reviewer

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) May 06, 2014


Suntactics announces sCharger-8—an ultralight and powerful smartphone and tablet solar charger. sCharger-8 is tested to charge mid-sized mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note at wall charging speed, and all that’s needed is direct sunlight.

“The sCharger-8 is the last portable solar charger you will ever need.” said Matt S., a participant in testing the Suntactics sCharger-8. “Our ultralight foldable, handheld solar panel is only 13oz in weight, and about the size of a standard mousepad, it unfolds revealing the most powerful solar cells in the industry, this is where the sCharger-8 gets its power.” said Dean Sala, president and CEO of California-based Suntactics.

sCharger-8 can not only charge the latest smartphones and tablets, but can also charge just about any 5-volt device that charges via USB connection. The creator of the sCharger-8 goes on; “With this unit you can charge many mobile devices in one day with just sunlight, no batteries needed. Just plug in and face the solar charger directly at the sun, it captures more than enough power for those small handheld devices.”

sCharger-8 features high efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, new technology called “auto-retry”, and dual port functionality for charging two devices simultaneously. The high output solar cells and optimized solar panel circuitry proves to be a winning combination; “with the way that the sCharger-8’s panels are configured, in combination with the high quality solar cells, we were able to make a compact solar panel that puts out over 1.6 amps, which is far beyond what we ever expected.”

The creator explains that most smartphones only require 1AMP to charge, the sCharger-8 provides more than enough for these types of devices;

“Even in adverse weather conditions like hazy cloudy weather, you will have more than enough power to charge a phone at wall outlet speed, just make sure the solar charger is facing the sun and you will have endless power whenever you need it.”

The sCharger-8, like its other flagship models—the sCharger-5 and the sCharger-14—are built for speed and portability. The sCharger-8’s solar panels are thin but are durable enough to last 24/7 outside.

“Our motto is; keep it small, lightweight, durable and portable, but don’t sacrifice high quality and power.” said Suntactics founder.

Suntactics unveiled the sCharger-8 in Q1 2014, and hopes to bring more new and exciting products in late 2014 early 2015. The sCharger-8 is ~13oz, folded size ~7″x7″, open ~7″x14″, water resistant, shock proof, and can reach over 1.6 amps of output current.


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