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sCharger-14 Portable Solar Charger

The sCharger-14 (S14) is the ultimate solar charger from Suntactics. The S14 will charge all your USB devices at maximum power.  And it has two USB ports.


Power outages occur all the time. Bad weather, hurricanes, ice storms, fires, floods, and earthquakes. These events definitely cause power grids to fail.  Sometimes for weeks. The S14 can sustain 4 phones per day in full sunlight. And the S14 can charge backup USB power banks in partial sunlight.


Every time a disaster hits, we get a huge demand. So please be prepared.


The S14 is very popular for camping and backpacking. Especially with our kids. They can't live without their phones. And you can't live without your phone too. Right? The S14 will keep all your phones charging.

Are you a high seas boat captain or an RV boondocker?  This is the solar charger you will need to keep your devices charged while away from other power sources

The list goes on.

  • Output: 2800mA, 5.1V, 14Watts

  • Circuitry: 2-USB Ports, Patented Auto-Retry (Auto-Reset)

  • Weight: ~21oz (596 Grams)

  • Water Resistant: 40 Feet, Corrosion Resistant, IPX7 Rated

  • Dimensions: 11.6" x 7.25" x .25"in (closed) / 11.6" x 14.5" x .125" in (open)

  • Solar Cell Efficiency: ~20%, Mono-Crystalline

  • Solar cell triple redundancy prevents power dropout

Made in the USA solar charger
Solar charger for Tablet
High power solar charger
Extreme hiking solar charger
High Performance

Suntactics sChargers utilize only the tried-and-true highest efficiency solar cells available.


Our sChargers are built with industry grade materials, including ETFE solar film for longevity. We incorporate an anti-reflective thin-film surface for maximum solar absorption.

GPS solar charger
Solar charger comparison

The sCharger-14 can charge an iPad at 2.0 Amps with power to spare. 

Typical charge times from dead battery:

  • iPhones and Samsung 2-3 hours

  • iPad and Galaxy Tablets 4-7 hours depending on the model

  • Can charge or even run a device in unfavorable conditions depending on the device.


Solar charger Samsung
More sCharger-14 Features

Bad weather? The sCharger-14 is larger and can capture a lot of power. So charging in partial cloudy weather conditions can often be achieved.

Charge two devices at the same time. The sCharger-14 and sCharger-8 utilize two independent USB ports for safe charging of two devices at the same time.  A great choice if you have multiple users needing a charge.

The panels are completely encapsulated. The circuits are sealed in silicon. Tested to 40 feet and corrosion resistant!  Corrosion tests require placing the solar panel in a 85% salt humid environment for 48 hours.  We ran ours at 72 hours.  Suntactic solar chargers are pretty much impervious to all moisture.  

Suntactics US Patented Auto-Retry. Some devices will not continue to charge if they see a fluctuation in power like a slow moving cloud. Complete shadowing of the sun can cause this fluctuation. Suntactics sChargers will re-start charging within minutes after a power fluctuation.

Suntactics sChargers make an excellent electrical hub for outdoor gatherings, parties, concerts, or camping trips where you’re miles away from electricity. Great for military use, natural disasters and tested to 20F below zero.

We use custom made solar panel equipment to assemble our solar chargers. Every solar charger that leaves our facility are fully tested and meticulously inspected by seasoned technicians.


We believe in our products. And we know for a fact, based on customer feedback, that our portable solar chargers are the absolute best choice for your portable energy needs

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