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Solar Charger Questions

Here are the most common questions we receive from our customers

How long does it take to solar charge?

There are very many variables and many USB type devices.  We like to say that our solar chargers can charge the same rate as the wall charger.  But it depends on the brightness of the sun, the USB device you are charging, the rate they can actually charge at, and the solar charger model you are using. The typical phone should charge very close to what a wall charger can do using an sCharger-5. Using a larger Suntactics solar charger is useful for devices requiring more power such as a tablet or high capacity power banks

How do I choose a solar charger with all the options out there?

Have you noticed how all the overseas solar chargers look so similar?  Beware, most are copies. Some are mimics of each other! Clones of Clones! Have you noticed that our solar chargers do not look the same as the others! Yes, the competition has not been able to copy Suntactics solar chargers!

Can I store power for later use?

Yes. You can pickup a USB Power Bank and solar charge it for later use. Power banks are available everywhere but choose wisely.

Can you recommend a USB power bank battery?

There are many power banks to choose from.  All we can recommend is that you choose a power bank battery that is not smart. Some are very sophisticated with displays showing all sorts of data which means they incorporate an internal micro computer. This means they consume unneeded power for solar charging. We recommend the basic power banks that have a few LED lights that indicate charge. 


Can I charge a laptop with an sCharger?

Not really. Suntactics solar chargers are optimized for USB devices.  Laptops require a much more substantial amount of energy compared to a small USB device. However there are some power banks available now that can charge from USB and produce AC power! Check out the Omni power bank.


Check out our youtube video on how to make a laptop solar charger.













More questions?

A build up of all of our customer questions over the years FAQs

If you still have not found the answer, please contact us immediately as we are very interested to hear if we missed something.  You can also fill out the questionnaire form in the FAQs page.

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