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Would you like to make solar chargers and be in the solar charger business?  If so, we would like to talk to you about a partnership agreement.

You are an established manufacturing business
You are in the bay area California(preferred)
You can source suppliers and order materials
You can produce or have an affordable source to assemble circuit boards
You can laminate solar panels. (We will help you)
You have basic CNC skills and own a small CNC machine.
You are hands on and know how to build stuff.
You have basic battery charging skills for portable USB battery charging technologies. (We will train you)
You will produce solar chargers and distribute them through the channels at hand, Website, Amazon, Ebay, Newegg and others.
You will package, fulfill and handle customer relations. (Suntactics will provide technical support).
You will ramp up production, move into retail box stores(REI, Big5, Bass Pro, etc) and help Suntactics take it to the next level.

Suntactics has sold tens of thousands of  solar chargers over the last 12 years worldwide. We have a huge customer base.  We also rank very well on Google.  We could easily sell a minimum of 200 solar chargers a month if we could produce them as fast. We do not pay for marketing services(Google, FB etc), yet the orders continue regardless. We have to throttle our inventory.


With clever marketing, the sales could grow even higher. I am sure of it. We get solicitations and distributors asking to carry our solar chargers on a regular basis.  We have had many offers. We just don't have the production bandwidth to follow through.

With this Covid problem, demand has grown even higher.  Our S14 sales have ramped up significantly and we can't keep up!

We currently offer the S5 and S14 solar chargers.  Customers are begging us to bring back our discontinued S8 solar charger.  We couldn't keep up with demand so we were forced to discontinue the S8 line.  Our previous S5 ultralite was also discontinued but has huge potential as customers keep calling us for it. Sometimes we get angry frustrated customers because we don't have the solar charger they want.

We will provide start up equipment, templates, fixtures, and tools needed. We will walk you through the whole manufacturing process to make sure you provide the most perfect solar charger in existence.


Our solar charger business is lucrative, but can be more lucrative with more manufacturing volume and business savvy.  This is a high volume product with great margins.  And produced in the USA.  The only Solar charger made in the USA for that matter.

The truth is that we are starting to get more orders for our solar tracking product and we just can't produce both solar chargers and solar trackers at the same time. We need help.  So if you know about any manufactures, contractors, or other businesses that are interested, let me know.  Oh and please don't tell me to go to shark tank. 

Dean Sala

CEO, Suntactics

Call me 408-316-4126( leave a voice message if I don't answer)

or email me

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