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Solar Charging Essentials

Take note, we are now working with mother nature here. And obviously solar panels need to see the sun to work properly. Here are a few tips that may help your solar charging experience.
Tip 1. Keep your phone cool

The very first problem that customers may encounter is the phone is just not solar charging like they thought it would. In almost all cases, it is because the phone is too hot from Sun heat absorption. When the phone warms up in the sun, it slows on charging rate. Even if the phone is warm to the touch, charging will slow. So make sure your phone is at least luke warm to the touch. We are not charging in the house, we are charging in the outdoors with the sun.


Place your phone in the shade, under a chair, tucked into a backpack sleeve etc. Out of the sun!


It is imperative that you not place the phone under the solar panel. The solar panel absorbs a lot of heat that can transfer to the phone.

Tip 2. Avoid charging behind windows

Charging behind a window has mixed results.  Energy efficient windows block sunlight. Phones are very finicky with low power.  Power banks and AA battery chargers do better when charging behind windows because they do not have displays screens.  If you need to charge behind a window, consider the sCharger-14. But also make sure the panel sees the sun.

Tip 3. Charging in low light conditions can be troublesome

If you suspect that there is not enough sun to solar charge your phone, like major cloud overcast etc, unplug and try again when the sun is strong. Batteries may do better in this situation.  But not phones.

Tip 4. Get a high performance charging cable

A high performance cable makes a difference with solar charging. You should get very good results with solar charging if you use a charging cable that has at least 22awg thickness power wires. The thicker copper in the wire helps decrease voltage loss. One example is of such a cable is a Syncwire.

Tip 5. Solar charging on the go

Be careful thinking you can charge while moving or walking. Repetitive movement from sun to shade obviously affects solar panel output. Constant on and off power could drain your phone as the screen will turn on then off again. This will not damage your phone but it is however unproductive. We recommend that the sCharger spends at least 80% time in the the sun to get good results. Or use a power bank instead. They are less finicky with power fluctuations.


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