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sCharger-5 Portable Solar Charger 8OZ 


This is the, soon to be discontinued, sCharger-5 8oz version. It is the predecessor to the new lighter weight 7oz version. We have a few 8oz sCharger-5s left in stock(limited quantities). Save some cost if you don't care about an extra 1oz savings in weight.

The sCharger-5 is very well received on all the hiking trails. It is the official solar charger on the PCT.  The sCharger-5 has an incredible high power to low weight ratio.

Most likely you have seen many sCharger-5’s on the trails.  The sCharger-5 provides the best power to weight ratio that you will find. This is very important for the duration hiker. The sCharger-5 is also a great personal solar charger that can charge your phone fast. The sCharger-5 is very compact and small. It can be tucked away in a backpack, a glove box or even a purse.

  • Output: 1200mA, 5V, >5Watts

  • Circuitry: 1-USB Port, Auto-Retry™

  • Weight: ~8.2oz (232 Grams)

  • Waterproof: 40 Feet, Corrosion Resistant, IPX7 Rated

  • Dimensions: 6" x 5.6" x .25" (closed) / 6" x 11.5" x .125" (open)

  • Solar Cell Efficiency: ~20%, Mono-Crystalline

  • Solar cell dual redundancy prevents power dropout


Retail $139.95

USB portable solar details
High Performance

Suntactics sChargers utilize the highest efficiency mono-crystalline solar cells available.


Made with industry grade materials for longevity. Textured, anti-reflective, thin-film surface for maximum solar absorption.

Solar charger for Kayak
solar charge smart watch

Text and and solar charge at the same time

Testing the performance of the Suntactics sCharger-5 against AC adaptor and a computer USB port

To show you how much power the sCharger-5 USB solar charger can output, we have tested how long it would take to charge an Apple iPhone-5 with an sCharger-5, an AC wall adaptor, and a computer’s USB port. Here are the specifications:

  • Suntactics sCharger-5: maximum output 5W (5V / 1A)

  • iPhone 5 (Apple OEM certified) AC adaptor: maximum output 5W (5V / 1A)

  • PC computer USB port: maximum output 2.5W (5V /500mA)




iPhone5 has been completely drained of power, each test started at 0% at the beginning, and finished at 100%. Weather conditions for the sCharger-5 test began in October under direct sunlight, no clouds or haze in the sky. Each test we have used an Apple certified USB lightning cable that originally came with the iPhone. For each test we have checked the status of the phone every five minutes.

(please note: The iPhone 5 only requires 1A (1000mAh) to charge at the maximum rate, newer iPhones show the same results)

  • -Suntactics sCharger-5: 2 hours and 35 minutes

  • -Apple OEM certified AC adaptor: 2 hours

  • -PC computer USB port: 4 hours


As you can see the sCharger-5 under the right conditions, the sCharger-5 can charge just as fast as if you were to plug in your phone into an AC wall adaptor. But in order to attain these same results, the sCharger-5 must be in direct sunlight at all times, in a cloudless weather environment.

More sCharger-5 Features

The panels are completely encapsulated. The circuits are sealed in silicon. Tested to 40 feet and corrosion resistant!  Corrosion tests require placing the solar panel in a 85% salt humid environment for 48 hours.  We ran ours at 72 hours.  Suntactic solar chargers are pretty much impervious to all moisture.  

Suntactics US Patented Pending Auto-Retry ™. Some devices will not continue to charge if they see a fluctuation in power like a slow moving clowd. Complete shadowing of the sun can cause this fluctuation. Suntactics sChargers will re-start charging within minutes after a power fluctuation.

Suntactics sChargers make an excellent electrical hub for outdoor gatherings, parties, concerts, or camping trips where you’re miles away from electricity. They are rated for military use, natural disasters and tested to 20F below zero.

We use custom made solar panel equipment to manufacture our solar chargers. Every solar charger that leaves our facility are fully tested and meticulously inspected by seasoned technicians.


We believe in our products. And we know for a fact, based on customer feedback, that our portable solar chargers are the absolute best choice for your portable energy needs

Whats in the box?


Travel pouch

User Manual

Quickstart Guide

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