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November 9, 2017

The Suntactics solar charger division has now partnered up with the United Way to help the victims in Puerto Rico. And we have begun solar charger shipments into Puerto Rico. Many residents with out power will now be able to stay in communication with fully charged pho...

October 2, 2017

We are so very sorry for the victims of the recent disasters their incredible losses.  Our hearts go out to you all. We also give thanks to all the brave volunteers that have sacrificed everything to help. There are some amazing and incredibally generous people in this...

September 12, 2017

Tracking can improve output over 40% compared to static mounted panels. For more info go to to

August 26, 2017

 The sCharger-5 1200mA, sCharger-8 1700mA, sCharger-14 2800mA.  Just to say, all our devices pretty much stayed charged for 9 days. 

April 2, 2017

The sCharger-5 will keep your USB devices and backup batteries charged and it is only 7oz's. All our solar chargers are waterproof and very rugged.  The sCharger-5 is made specifically for the endurance hiker and will outperform any solar charger you will find. Our sol...

February 24, 2017

If you can't go without your vape and are nowhere near a socket, we suggest you carry a backup USB battery in combination with our solar charger. Backup USB batteries can be found in major electronics stores like Target and Best Buy stores

February 19, 2017

What an awesome shot. May be from a Gopro.

January 14, 2017

We have been told by our many sailing customers that the S14 solar charger keeps tablets, phones, satellite phones and navigation devices charged. Some have urged us to tell other sailboat owners as well. What would happen if your cabin power failed in the middle of th...

January 14, 2017

We put an sCharger-5 to the ultimate durability test a while back. We combined some clips to make a new video. We do admit  the charger, in the end, did lose a little power but still continued to work and charge a phone.  

The  sCharger-5 in this video  is one of o...

November 17, 2016

Build a DIY Solar charger that supplies AC power from a solar panel for under $100. This is a small micro grid solar system can solar charge a laptop, portable CPAP machines, small tools and much more. You can build one yourself! 

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Note: Some of our solar charger components are sourced from foreign suppliers. This is because we can not find solar charger component suppliers in the USA.

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