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Assembled in the USA

We are a small company and we try our very best to source all materials from American made suppliers. Some materials are indirectly sourced because we can't find local suppliers.  Made in Taiwan(our electronics components), Made in Japan(our solar ETFE film), Made in malaysia and vietnam(solar cells).  Our American suppliers are Hawk Electronics, Mcmaster-carr, Zoro, Bolt depot, Digikey and a few more. 

Our Equipment

Our custom made solar panel lamination equipment and molding fixtures are American made.  Our manufacturing process has taken us over 3 years to perfect the high quality Suntactics USB solar charger that they are today. 

Suntactics custom solar panel lamination machine
Our solar chargers are handmade in our shop in San Jose CA, USA
Solar Charger USB Circuit Suntactics
Solar Cell tabbing fixture board

Made in the USA Claims and Disclosures, words from the owner Suntactics

Back in 2017, a competitor reported to the FTC that our products are not made in the USA.  I had to work with the FTC. They were actually very friendly and completely understood our delima. They just wanted me to remove any indication of "Made in the USA" from the website.  So I did.  But in hindsight this was very unfair and the FTC rep felt the same way. And it was really a waste of time for the both of us. But rules are rules. When the smoke settled, I researched and found many, many manufactures in the USA that indicate "Made in the USA" on their products when in fact they source ALL their materials from overseas. For instance, we had new windows installed that had a made in USA sticker on them. The Raw vinyl/plastic and handles are NOT from the USA.  My Lawn mower engine(Briggs..) has a Made in the USA label. Pretty much all raw metals for engines come from overseas and Not the US. The US has been out of the steel industry for many years.


We have been making our small solar chargers here in San Jose CA since 2012.  Our Solar Chargers are as close as you can get to being made in the USA.

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