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Recommended USB Products that you can charge from a Suntactics solar charger

Individual USB battery Chargers

Battery charger cradles that can be used to charge a variety of batteries from our solar chargers.

USB type chargers that charge AA and AAA batteries
Recommended AA and AAA rechargeable batteries
USB rechargeable Flashlights
USB Rechargeable Flashlights.  We like NITECORE. They are the best but there are others.
Other interesting power bank chargers that provide AC power and can charge with USB power. 

These chargers provide major versatility. They can pretty much charge anything. They have an AC socket which means they can charge laptops. The beauty is that they can charge from a standard USB charger like Suntactics solar chargers.  An S14 is recommended for these battery banks.  It could take about 10 hours of sun to fully charge depending on capacity. Weather you buy a solar charger or not, these are great power banks. Make sur they can charge from USB. Some don't.

Hiking Essentials Sat Phones and GPS Trackers

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