5 Year Warranty Registration

Nothing is perfect so the 5 year warranty is limited.  Coverage of replacement is 75% of the original cost at 3 years, 50% of the original cost at 4 years and 25% of the original cost at 5 years.  For example, if you are within the 2-3 year time frame of purchase, Suntactics will cover 75% of the original purchase price, 3-4 year 50% and 4-5 year 25%.  

Our qualifying solar chargers are guaranteed to be free from any and all defects in craftsmanship under normal consumer use. SUNTACTICS has the right to deny any warranty if we determine the SUNTACTICS solar charger has been abused, misused, modified, physically damaged, or used for anything other than its normal use as authorized by a SUNTACTICS. SUNTACTICS has the right to deny any warranty if the registrant is not the original purchaser of the product. Buyers must fill out this registration form within 30-days of purchase to receive a 5 year warranty. Buyers who apply after 30-days of purchase will not receive the full 5 year warranty but are still applicable for the two year warranty. When a buyer applies for a 5 year warranty they will receive an email confirmation that is proof of registry of a SUNTACTICS solar product, print and keep for your records and save any and all documents. SUNTACTICS may refuse warranty if receipt of purchase is not presented upon request. We may revise these terms and conditions at any time. This warranty is only valid while Suntactics is currently active in business. And if another party acquires Suntactics, then it will be up to that party to continue to offer the warranty.  By clicking the submit button, you understand, accept, and have read these terms and conditions.