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We are very sorry to make this announcement. 

As of 03/31/2023, we have decided to discontinue production of our solar charger line.

If you are interested in the story read on.

Back in 2010, I invented a solar charger to charge an iphone since there was no such thing at time. Took about a year in development, made a trial run and offered the first USB solar chargers from a website. Sales took off! Could not keep up with sales. Found a local small "mom and pop" company in San Jose CA to take over and fulfil.  Business was great. Unfortunately a few years into into it, there was a death within their company.  They went into a struggle to keep making solar chargers for me.  I decided to take on the manufacturing myself(bring it in-house).  So I leased a facility, hired some employees and things moved on. But the overall costs and overhead was very high.  And sales started decreasing because China was taking over the market.  But I was determined to keep the business in the USA.  And many of our customers only wanted American based products. So I persisted. 


Ultimately I lost the war as I could not compete with low cost Chinese solar chargers. Consumers want cheap! 


To make things worse. Our "bread and butter" Amazon made changes.  We relied heavily on Amazon for orders, but now they impose many restrictions for solar chargers. Amazon continued to remove our listing because they insisted our solar charger includes a battery. A "certification is required" for all solar chargers they say.  Why? because your solar charger has a battery. "Our solar chargers do not use batteries" I say. I fought with them for months. They still did not get it. What's really unfair is that many Chinese solar chargers sold on Amazon are not certified according to Amazon requirements. 

After crafting high quality solar chargers in the USA for over 10 years, I'm done. China wins.

I have greatly enjoyed conversations with my many customers over the years.  I have gained so much knowledge from you.  Thank you!  I sure hope I have helped you with your adventures and keeping your phones charged! 



Dean Sala



Please feel free to email me if you have comments

Our business now

Solar tracking systems

Solar Charge Phones and other USB devices with the Sun

Portable solar panels
Suntactics S5 USB Solar Charger
Suntactics S14 USB Solar Charger


Solar charge your phones, tablets, power banks and many other portable USB devices using only the sun. 

The sCharger-5 is is the choice for ultralight/endurance hikers. It is proven to keep phones and other devices solar charged while in the wilderness.


The sCharger-14 is the choice for backpackers, campers, preppers, disaster victims and off-grid solar charging.


Our solar chargers will keep your devices fully charged and they are made for durability, and reliability.

Solar Charging is What we Do

Suntactics USB Solar Charger lineup

Made with an ultra clear transparent solar film and textured surface for maximum light absorption. 


Optimized circuitry

  • Indicator LEDs 

  • US Patented Auto-Retry (Auto-Reset)

  • Water and corrosion resistant

  • Efficient voltage regulation 

Solar charger auto connect
Water resistant solar charger
Water Resistant Solar Charger

Solar Charge all these USB Devices and More with a Suntactics Solar Charger

iphone solar charger
Solar Charger for Tablets
Solar Charger Smart Watches
Solar charge AA AAA 18650
Camera solar charger
Solar charger for Headlight
Solar charger for camera
Solar charger for USB powerbank

Phones            Tablets           Smart Watches      AA/AAA/18650     Adventure Cams        Headlights    Digital Cameras      Powerbanks

Suntactics solar chargers are designed to solar charge any device that can be charged from a standard USB  port. 

Solar charge AA, AAA, 18650, SLR camera batteries and more. For example, if you want to charge some AA batteries, do an internet search for "AA USB charger". You can find many USB adaptors to charge all types of batteries with our solar charger.

These are just some samples of our vast collection of Testimonials

Jake Does America

“I’ve tried several solar panels since they hit the market. Suntactics is by far the best I’ve used.”

-Jake Does America

Casey Lavere

“It’s pretty remarkable. I can charge the batteries for my camera, iPods, iPads, it’s great to have [out hunting]”

-Casey Lavere

Christopher Brisley

“Wondering how we stay connected? the power of the sun, great work @suntactics!”  

-Christopher Brisley

“If you hikers want something that works, trust no other solar charger on your hikes.”

-Craig J.

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