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sCharger-5 Portable USB Solar Charger

$139.95 $129.95

Small yet extremely powerful usb solar charger, the sCharger-5 is capable of solar charging any smartphone at wall outlet speed.

  • Ultra Lightweight, Powerful, and Compact
  • Fully charge an iPhone in 2 hours or less
  • Durable, Waterproof, and Shockproof
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Made in the USA
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Product Description

The sCharger-5 Portable Solar Charger provides electrical power on the go. Have the freedom to charge your devices without being tied down by power cords.

Charge Anything With a USB Connection

The sCharger-5 works with all Apple iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, iPad (1-4, mini, and Air), iPod, HTC One, Droid, Android, Blackberry, Kindle, GoPro, Canon, Nikon, USB batteries (Anker), AA/AAA battery chargers, Bluetooth speakers, GPS devices, basically anything that can charge from a computer’s USB port.

Charges Faster Than Others

Our portable solar chargers output more power than other solar chargers on the market, we do not equivocate about the sCharger-5′s power output (1 Amp, 5 Watts, 5 Volts). In full direct sunlight the sCharger-5 immediately charges an iPhone in 2 hours or less from 0% to 100% (the same amount of time it takes to fully charge an iPhone from a wall outlet).

Efficient High Quality Solar Cells

What makes the sCharger-5 so powerful is its Grade-A mono-crystalline solar cells, the most powerful solar cells in the industry (18%-19% efficiency). Other USB solar chargers use weak, low current solar cells, which means it will take longer to power your rechargeable devices.

Built in Auto-Retry Technology

The sCharger-5 has something that the leading competition does not have; “Auto-Retry Technology”. The sCharger-5 will immediately re-start charging within minutes after being temporarily blocked from the sun, other portable USB solar chargers require a manual reset in order to start charging again. With the sCharger-5, you will never have to worry if your device is charging properly.

Use it Anywhere Under the Sun

Improve your outdoor lifestyle with the incredibly easy to use sCharger-5, just plug in and aim at the Sun! Have the security knowing that your sCharger-5 is going to work every time, while camping, hiking, boating or kayaking, outdoor events like festivals, biking, and have one available for emergency power outage situations.

Durable and Built to Last

The sCharger-5 is built last, it’s durable enough to sustain critical damage and can be dropped in water and still work as intended (just dry off before use). We believe in our American made products, and we know for a fact that our portable solar chargers are the absolute best choice for your portable energy needs, or your money back, guaranteed!

Comes Complete With:

The sCharger-5 USB Solar Charger / Durable Case / User Manual / Quickstart Guide / 5-Year Warranty Card

Note: Samsung tablet users, grab this Samsung dongle for even more power

Charge-Time Comparison:

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sCharger-5 Portable USB Solar Charger

 submitted the review on: 

Overall Rating

very very happy with this product.

 submitted the review on: 

Overall Rating

Yup. no need for me to duplicate the specifics, just to add to the chorus: THIS is the solar charger on the market that actually works, and works well. I backpacked several months with the sCharger summer/fall 2013 and basked in its durability, reliability, and ease-of-use. [charging iphone 5, and USB Steripen]

I can also speak to the comparison between this product and SolarMonkey Adventurer, which can be simply stated as “no comparison.”

The sCharger is the solar charger that does what it says it will do, while the SolarMonkey Adventurer is a pretender (a few highlights: SolarMonkey charged slowly and was easily stalled under normal conditions, working as advertised only briefly, under absurdly perfect conditions; the internal battery did not hold a charge well, with much of the “stored” charge lost in just hours; the solar panels began peeling up within days.)

I returned the SolarMonkey and bought sCharger with a USB battery—it was immediately apparent that this is a far more flexible and useful arrangement AND (I emphasize again) the sCharger performance completely outclassed the “other.” Hooray for sCharger, hooray for honest good products, and hooray for those who bring them to us. Thank you!

[Kudos, too, for stellar customer support, as many have mentioned.]

 submitted the review on: 

Overall Rating

Last summer I thru-hiked the 500 mile Colorado Trail and I used the S-Charger 5 to charge my camera batteries. I think it has a great weight to power output ratio. I don't think you'll find a better value than this charger.

 submitted the review on: 

Overall Rating

The best solar charger I have ever used very reliable since I am out doors a lot in the rain also. I'm very satisfied that it has the best build qaulity and made in the USA!

 submitted the review on: 

Overall Rating

sCharger-5 USB Solar Charger
This little solar-panel charges hand-held electronic devices and phones (Samsung s4) directly from the sun. You don't need optional battery packs or the array of cables like the Goal Zero Nomad 7. sCharger-5 only needs 3 things to charge electronics, a panel, USB cable, sun and you’re done.

The panels’ best trick--every time a shadow passes over the unit, it resets automatically, so charging continues—no need to keep checking the phone when charging. Unattended charging means you save money, eliminating the need to buy expensive battery packs as a work around, but it charges USB style power packs too, if that's you're thing.
My only criticism—the lack of fixing points to attach the panel. Certainly not a deal breaker, but does limit performance when you’re on the move—biking or hiking and so on.

For emergency power-outs or outdoorsy activities you can be confident this unit won't let you down. Highly recommended.
Overall 4.5 Stars (loose half star--for lack of attachment points).


• Grade-A mono-crystalline solar cells
• Standard USB “A” connection
• USB output: 5Volts, 1000mA (5-Watts)
• Size: 6 x 5.6 closed, 6 x 11.5 open
• Weight: 8.4 oz / 240 g
• Indicator: LED
• DuPont Flex Circuitry
• Nickel-plated grommets
• Handles temps up to 160F
• Water Proof to 40 feet
• Solar cell efficiency: 19%

Although our solar chargers are very simple to use, we ask that you please read the user manual before you try and solar charge. It is very informative on solar charging basics and will help you become successful charging your devices.

sCharger-5 User Manual

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