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Suntactics vs Competitors

Trying to find the right portable solar charger is tough, there are hundreds of solar chargers out there that are over-hyped and under-perform when it comes to solar charging smartphones and tablets. The most popular solar charger out there is Goal Zero, but some customers find them cumbersome and even potentially dangerous. Our Suntactics sChargers go far beyond what other portable solar chargers have to offer. Watch this Goal Zero review video (below) created by a YouTuber showing our sCharger-5 beating the Goal Zero Nomad 7:

Goal Zero vs Suntactics: This video proves we beat the leading competition…

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Think about it, a 5 watt USB solar charger (Suntactics sCharger-5), has beaten a supposed 7 watt USB solar charger (Goal Zero Nomad 7). Something is wrong with this picture! Portable USB Solar chargers like the Instapark, Goal Zero, JOOS Orange, and Solio cannot compete with Suntactics. When it comes to USB portable solar charging, Suntactics wins hands down.
 “Charges every iOS device (1st, 2nd and 3rd-gen iPads, an iPhone 4, and iPod Classic) as fast or faster than a wall charger.

Now, take a look at this chart we made and compare the difference between our portable USB solar chargers against the others. The first chart shows Goal Zero Nomad 7 (on the right) and the Suntactics sCharger-5 (on the left):

goal zero vs suntactics scharger-5 comparison review chart
Here’s another comparison chart, this time showing the Suntactics sCharger-12 (left) against Goal Zero Guide 10 (middle) and Instapark M10 (right).

goal zero vs suntactics scharger-12 comparison review chart
Suntactics really strives to create the best user experience possible, we want to make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our products, we guarantee you will have the best results with our solar chargers or your money back. Our solar chargers are not only effective, but they are 100% safe so you can rely on us when it comes to your portable energy needs.