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9 Reasons Why Suntactics is The Best Choice | Solar Charger Review 2013

9 Reasons Why Suntactics is The Best Choice | Solar Charger Review 2013

9 Reasons Why Suntactics is The Best Choice

I’m going to give 9 reasons why Suntactics Portable Solar Chargers are the best choice when it comes to solar charging devices like the Apple iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S 3.

Let’s break down all the benefits that Suntactics sChargers have to offer:

1 – Built in Auto-Retry Technology

Suntactics sChargers are the only USB Solar Charger on the market that has built-in “Auto-Retry Technology”, meaning; When the solar charger is blocked from the sun temporarily, it will automatically start re-charging on its own! Other portable solar chargers do not have this capability.

2 – Proven to Charge Faster Than Others

Suntactics sChargers can fully charge a device at the same speed as a standard electrical outlet. Imagine it’s like taking a standard home electrical outlet with you any where you go! Just plug in and go. (it takes 1.4 hours to fully charge an iPhone, from 0% to 100%)
An independent test proved that the sCharger-5 smoked its competition (the Goal Zero Nomad 7) in a side-by-side speed test, view it here!

3 – Completely Water Proof!

Suntactics sChargers are 100% water resistant, just dry out the USB port and you will be able to charge again like intended. Other portable solar chargers will malfunction when dropped in water.

4 – Ultra Light and Compact

Suntactics sChargers are light and can slip inside just about anywhere; a glove compartment, purse, backpack, or briefcase.

5 – Built to Last a Lifetime

Suntactics sChargers are completely durable and can sustain a ton of abuse. Critical especially if you get lost in the wilderness with only a phone and no other connection to the outside world.

6 – No Batteries Required

Suntactics sChargers require no batteries to power your devices, unlike many USB solar chargers that rely on internal rechargeable batteries to power devices.

7 – Charge Anything With a USB Connection

Suntactics sChargers can charge anything with a male USB connector, charge an; iPhone (3, 4, and 5), iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S 3, Android, Nokia Lumia 920, Blackberry, Nexus, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, GoPro and much more.

8 – Use and Charge at the Same Time

Suntactics sChargers allow you to charge while using the device at the same time! You can surf the internet on an iPad while charging at the same time, or play your gaming device while charging at the same time.

9 – Simple to Use

Suntactics sChargers is a one-step solar charger, just plug in to your favorite device and enjoy the benefits of using free energy from the sun.

I hope this helps you make the right choice if you ever decide to start using the sun to charge your portable USB devices, thanks for reading!

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