Fast, Lightweight, American Made Portable Solar Chargers

Immediately start charging your smartphone, tablet or other device with the sun. We guarantee our portable solar chargers are faster and more efficient in charging your devices than other USB solar chargers on the market. Put our solar chargers to the test and start charging your devices at wall outlet speed!

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sCharger-5 Portable Solar Charger

Solar Charge All Your Favorite Mobile Devices

universally charge all of these devices with Suntactics!

All the Features You Need in One Portable Solar Charger

Easy to Use?

You won’t have to fuss with extra plugs, adaptors, or batteries. Simply place the portable solar charger in the sun, plug-in, and instantly charge your mobile device.

Charges Devices Fast?

You will save time by charging devices at a faster rate than other solar chargers. We have optimized our panels for maximum speed and performance.

Light Weight and Portable?

Our solar chargers are as thin as a No.2 pencil, our smallest unit is the size of a CD case and weighs only 8oz.


Our panels are optimized for maximum efficiency, and that means faster charging. Thinner laminate, bigger and better monocrystaline solar cells.

Auto-Retry Technology?

You won’t have to worry if your mobile device is charging. Our auto-retry technology will make sure that your device keeps charging even if the panels are temporarily blocked from the sun.

Durable and Reliable?

Save money by investing in a solar charger that will last a lifetime and actually works! Spare yourself the time and the pain of losing money trying cheaply made solar chargers. Gain a lifetime partnership with the best solar charging company in the industry, we will always have your back no matter what!

Charge Two Devices at the Same Time?

With our medium and large units, you will have the capability of charging multiple items at the same time. Saving you even more time.

Safe Circuitry?

You won’t have to worry about damaging your favorite, expensive devices! Our panels are the safest on the market, we use smart technology that prevents over-charging.

Made in the USA?

When you buy from a U.S. manufacturer, not only are you getting a better, more reliable product, you’re also helping to keep jobs in the U.S.



“If you hikers want something that works, trust no other solar charger on your hikes.”

-Craig J.


“I’ve tried several solar panels since they hit the market. Suntactics is by far the best I’ve used.”

-Jake Does America


“Absolutely one of the best purchases we made. It worked great and is stylish. Can’t beat that combination!”

-Linda D


“Just wanted to thank you all at SunTactics. Love the product and it looks like my followers on social media do too.”

-Patrick R.